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About Experta, Ltd.

Let us introduce our company Experta, Ltd. with the seat in Žilina dealt with the technical-economic and the entrepreneurial consulting.

The main activity of the Experta, Ltd. is the expert activity as for the property evaluation for various legal claims of the enterprises in the branch of the company management. Our experts individually had got the experience by working in this branch for some years before our company was found in 2000. The founder of the Experta, Ltd. is Phd. Ing. Ján Svrček CSc. who has been developing the business with his representatives so far.

His activities include long year experience as the teacher at the University of Žilina, the expert activity since 1980 in the building industry and his activities as the mentor in the science – judicial engineering and in the study branch – building construction. With the experienced experts in our team for the other technical and economic branches Experta, Ltd. has become the serious and reliable partner for our customers. By the founding of the Experta, Ltd. the economist and the auditor joined our team as well.

Each of our experts attended postgraduate specialized studies in his own branch and other trainings and courses as well.

The enterprises ask for our services in the proceeding of the changes connecting with their companies or self-employed businessmen for example for the material investment to the property of the company, the raising of the initial deposits, the mergers, the property transfer from the self – employed businessman to company, the new investor by the founding or the selling the enterprises, the value of the damage and the costs of the vehicles, the machine breakdown in the production, the execution, the tender or the bankruptcy and for many other purposes.

Your sincerely,
Ing. Ing. Vladimír Svrček
Director of the Experta, Ltd.