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Activities of the experts

 Some of them:

The evaluation of the property by the determing the general value of the enterprise or its departments consists of the measurable methods as follow:

  1. property method
  2. enterpreneurial method
  3. liquidating method for the bankruptcy or the liquidation
  4. mixed method consisting of the enterpreneurial and property method
  5. comparative method with the sample enterprises

We draw up for you the expert opinions for:

  1. the general evaluation and the value of the damage in the technical field for:
    • the real estates and the constructions,
    • the cars and vehicles in the road transport,
    • the electronic-technical devices for the data processing, transmission and the record of the information, the measuring instruments, the computing and office facilities, the household electrical appliances and the electronics,
    • the machines and the machine facilities.
  2. the general evaluation in the fields of the economics and the business
    • securities
    • supplies
    • financial accounts and claims
    • the other property
    • foreign sources received for the enterprise
    • impact of the enterprise on the environment
  3. the general evaluation of the intangible assets for:
    • the costs of the establishment
    • the value of the software
    • the results of the research and analogues activity
    • valuable rights
    • other intagible assets as the goodwill and know-how

Banks, companies of the hire purchase and other financial institutionsuse our expert opinions for the general evaluation of the property for the purpose of the credit quarantee. For this purpose we evaluate the tangible assets as follow: machine, production and technological lines, machine pool, ground machines and the computing devices and the others as well.

The evaluation of the tangible and intagible assets is the individual part of our services because our experts attended the specialized studies of the National Bank of Slovakia regarding the professional, legal and economic field. Our high qualified experts have the certificate IBV of the National Bank of Slovakia.

Other services: